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November 26, 2011

DCS got you by the throat – and you can’t breath? Here’s some tips

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DSHS DCS Support Enforcement actions defenseLet’s face it, DCS has a job to do, collect as much money to earn as much revenue for Washington State as it possibly can, regardless of the outcome of children.  THey are a credit collection agency, make no doubts about it.

It works this way, they collect the money, and the higher percentage, read again – the higher percentage of collections they do, the more Federal Title IV-D funds they get.   Percentage.  If they collect from 5 guys paying $1,000 a month, or they collect from 5 guys paying $50 a month, they get the same incentives because it is based on Percentages.

This process should help you understand something – if your former spouse isn’t paying their $50 a month, and never had, don’t expect a lot of resources to be applied to getting that money, as the odds are it will cost them a lot of money.  Now, if they have always paid, and aren’t because they lost their job, well now, this is different, we can collect from this guy – so we will put a lot of resources on him to get money, as he is not huring our percentage.

But, we have digressed a bit.  Here is the real question – are they legally allowed to do what they are doing?  Or, are they doing what they think they need to do to collect from you, and ignoring what is lawful.  THere are ways to check – at http://WashingtonSharedParenting.com/web we have the entire Division of Child Support manual available online for you.   It should be your bible for comparing what is being done or not done, and is legally available to the staff of DCS for collections.

For example, The Washington State Court of Appeals has ruled that Administrative Subpoena’s authored by an Agency that is requestiong PERSONAL information, must have a Judges Signature on it.   Odd, DCS used to send Administrative Subpoena’s to Agencies like the Snohomish County PUD, who would blindly respond to them, unlawfully.  They didn’t know better because their legal advice was sub-par.   This of course is just an example.

Here is what we recommend – use the Public Records Act and write an email to your SEO and ask for a copy of your case comments.   Their email is on our email list at http://dshs.washingtonsharedparenting.com

YOu don’t need to ask for much – something like this – Please give me a copy of my case notes, following Washington’s Public Records Act.  You should have them in 5 days, or at least a response saying when you will get them.  If not, comment on here, we can help you get them, and maybe earn some money from them in damages too.

Next, read the notes to see what DCS has been up to.  Read the Policy Manual to see if they are legally authorized to do so.  If they aren’t, email the SEO and ask them for a copy of the authority they relied upon to do what they did, ask them to state where it is in their policy Manual.  Verify the manual says that, and confirm it word for Word.  Employees like Pete Turner at DCS have a habit of editing the paragraphs to meet their personal needs (commonly called lying, or deceiving people).

Write a letter to David Stillman if you find they are not following the Policy Manual, demand they start following it, and correct anything adverse that has happended to you.

November 22, 2011

Seattle’s Own FM 87.3 exposes Gender Bias in WA Courts

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Dad's protect children from false accusing mothersThe story about the loss of one Sky Metawala has turned the Washington DV industry upside down.  Not because they have come out and told us the mother suffered from abuse, not because they came out and said the Father beat the child, not because the father was restrained from seeing his children because of her allegations of abuse.  Or any of the other myths they use to defend false accusing, Domestic Violence Perps they defend.  But because new voices are being heard about the very issues within the DV industry in this State.

It’s worse.  The mother had such a low score on a psych evaluation that she was thought to be suicidal, or worse, to bring harm to her children or others.  And, with that on her back, the children were removed from the father, and given to the mother.  Thank you Judges and Commissioners of King County – another fine job of butchering a loving father who should have been given the opportunity to protect his son.

A tragedy out of King County Courts AGAIN!  A black eye to the DV industry as a whole, and those that make a living out of it.  Why, because it’s their very actions, their support of false accusers, rather than prosecuting this Violators that sets up these tragic incidents.

However, FM87.3 highlighted the issues on their program today, and had interviews with two members of the Washington DV Commission.   Yep, these new spokesmen for the DV industry take a different view of things – they want to expose the false allegations that King County has NEVER prosecuted.  They want to address the same DV Perpetrator Trainers that the Commissioners of King County insist on sending the falsely accused to, and ignore the rest of the firms that provide the same service (can you say follow the money?).  They want to bring this DV industry under control, so that tax dollars are used to actually help families, rather than destroy them.

David Martin, King County Prosecutor, maybe you can leave a comment and tell us how many false accusers you have prosecuted.  Wait, don’t waste your time, we already know, you told us – ZERO.   6,000 DV restraining orders give out like Candy each year in King County, and not ONE SINGLE FALSE ALLEGATION?  HA!  Are you kidding me, on average, 25 are given out each day, and none are false allegations?  None?  ZIP?  How can that possibly be?

It wasn’t long ago that a local psychologist killed himself after getting caught video taping coworkers and clients in the women’s bathroom.  He was a part of the King County band of brothers, having been married to one of the Judges, and being one of the sole recipients of the courts referrals for work.  He demonstrated just how bad our courts are.

With what is coming out these days, it really is time for the Feds to step in and start investigating King County Courts for not only their failures, but their bias, steering of work to friends, and their complete lapse of professional conduct.  King County is not alone, in fact, Thurston County is probably the worse, and deserves an investigation of their own.   But please, start it now, before we are searching for more young children damaged at the hands of their own sick parents, and lousy biased decisions of Washington’s Non-Superior Courts.




November 21, 2011

Washington’s Worse 10 Judges/Commissioners to Avoid – Led by Meg Sassaman

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RateTheCourts.com is a site where you can go to rate a judge or commissioner you have had in a recent case.  The site compiles statistics for rated Judges, and provides a list of the worse Judges/Commissioners from what People have voted.   Interesting to note that most on the list are Commissioners, not judges.   Of course a civics lesson tells us that Commissioners are not elected, and are chosen to serve at the wim of the Judges.  Of course that same civic lesson would have to tell you that Commissioners serve for life usually, and are the meanest, nastiest people on the bench – because they are accountable to nobody, and the Judges like having someone else do the dirty work in Family Court, etc.

If you look at the data, it is interesting that some have many more negative comments than the rest.  For instance, the worse on the list is Commissioner Meg Sassaman as far as negative comments.  Well, she is notorious for her bias in Family Court.  Interesting that the Judges haven’t removed her for her lousy representation on the Bench.  But to really measure how bad they are, look at the grade they get – Bonnie Canada-Thurson, the Tirant of King County Courts scores the worse – with an F(.11), compared to the angelic grade of D-(.57) for Sassaman.  Only Judge James Doerty grades close to what Bonnie Blood Thirstin Canada get with his F(.18).  Please your honorless James Doerty, stand up and take a bow.  You deserve it.

Washington's worse Judges and Commissioners for Family Court


Many of the names on this list are well known, and come as no surprise that they are not on the list.  Good luck if you are a non-custodial Parent that gets in front of this lot – it will be your coldest day in hell!

Check it out for your self at http://ratethecourts.com where you can look up your own “Favorite” family destroyer.  I believe there are some good stories that involve some of these members of the court on http://WADVPress.org

Got a story about one of these members of the Court – please, share it with us, we would love to publish it for  you.

November 20, 2011

Alienated from your Children – 3 tips to a successful reunion

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Dr. Jeanne King, ph.d offers some times for a successful re-union with an estranged child.   Great advice, wishing I had read this article about 6 months ago!

Many non-custodial parents have these same issues, they have been estranged from their children, and later find the opportunity to meet them and rekindle a lost relationship.

If you have tips to offer others, that have worked for you, now is a great time to help someone in need – please post your comments.


Custodial Mother tries to have Child Father Killed – goes to Jail!

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An Auburn Washington Women, 32 year old Elizabeth Beimer, was convicted of First Degree Murder for Hire of a non-custodial Father - Elizabeth BeimerSolicitation for Murder for plotting to kill her ex-boyfreind, his girlfriend, and his parents.

Seems some custodial parents will go to any length to keep their children from having a meaningful relationship with their other parent.  This, sadly, is just another example of what outcomes it has.  This mother will never see her child again, as she is sentenced to 15-20 years in prison, and most likely the Father will assume custody of the child.


This is as bad as it get, other than actually murdering a parent.  But, non-custodial parents are all too familiar with ways they are alienated by custodial parents.    Tell us about yours in our Comments section.

And thank the Title IV-D Commissioners of your favorite Washington Court for their continued bias in ensuring both parents can’t be in the lives of their children in the name of Federal Revenues to preserve their jobs on the bench.

November 14, 2011

Domestic Violence is “damaging one’s relationship with his or her children”

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US DOJ - Keeping Child from Parent is DV!Domestic Violence is the wild card in child custody in Washington State.  Lieyers in Washington State routinely tell their customers to file for DV restraining orders if they have been yelled at, cursed at, threatened, slapped, etc.   Yes, Domestic Violence is an issue in the US, it is intolerable, just as much as False Allegations of DV are intolerable.

But get this, in most divorces in our State, one parent is removed from the life of a child, due to many reasons.   Is your former spouse intentionally damaging the relationship with your child?  If they are, they are committing Domestic Violence.   We aren’t making this up, its a fact spelled out by the Unites State Justice Deparment’s own office of Violence Against Women.  Now I won’t start in on how the name of that agency in and of itself is bias, and probably violates the Civil Rights of men everywhere, but think about it.   This agency, which is responsible for prosecuting Domestic Violence, and ensuring the State pass laws to protect victims of Domestic Violence, state on their page that “damaging one’s relationship with his or her children” is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

So, if false accusers of Domestic Violence do it to destroy the relationship between a parent and a child, are they not committing Domestic Violence?   Where are the victims advocates that should be screeming about the mom that moves her children out of State just to keep them from the other parent.  Where are the victims advocates that should be screaming when a father is not allowing a non-custodial mom to see her kids during her sactioned parenting time?

Where are the policies in the Counties of King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston and the rest to protect non-custodial parents, and more importantly the Children who are the ultimate victims?  They are lost, lost to a State of Washington that has a goal of collecting Title IV-D revenues for child Support Collection, for collecting Violence Against Women’s funding with the false impression they can only get it by defending women,  and lost to a beaurocracy that is biased and ignorant.

Please Washington State – start protecting your Children, and not your revenue.  Something tells me raising well adjusted kids in our State will bring in more Tax dollars than what you receive from sucking from the Title IV Teit.

Here is the content from DOJ -

Emotional Abuse: Undermining an individual’s  sense of self-worth and/or self-esteem is abusive. This may include, but is not  limited to constant criticism, diminishing one’s abilities, name-calling, or  damaging one’s relationship with his or her children.

October 24, 2011

Non-Custodial Parents – PAY ATTENTION HERE – NOW!

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Give money to Federal Lawsuit to protect your daughters and sonsLook, we’ve all been saying for years, we need a good lawyer to step up and take on the Federal Machine that created this mess of family courts.

Better that that, this mess of Family Courts took the screws to yet another Attorney, who has said enough is enough and is fighting back, with every ounce of blood in his body to protect his relationsip with his own kids.

Not to be embarassed, the local BAR Association (Mob influenced Liayers Union) stripped him of his right to practice law for a living!   Geeze, go figure, he is fighting the system that destroys family, robs them of their life savings, and wants to ensure nobody competant is able to go up against them.

Leon Koziol has filed in Federal Courts a lawsuit to give parents back the protection that has been stripped by common family courts throughout the nation.   This is BIG news!  However, its not free for everyone to benefit from this hard work, remember, he is stripped of his ability to practice law, so the cost for this long case in Federal Court is being absorbed by Mr. Koziol.



PLEASE, help make a difference

Pennsylvania Judge gets 28 years in “Kids for Cash”

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Cash for Cronies in the CourtsAny non-custodial parent who has been into a Washington State Court surely leaves wondering what freight train from the bench just hit them.  It’s not news to anyone, the Judges in Washington State, who primarily give custody to the mother, who primarily renders one parent to be a weekend warrior, show extreme bias in the courts.  Okay, lets not debate it and just make the assumption – the Courts in Washington are biased toward dads, and against non-custodial parents in general.

YOu don’t have to look to far to see it – just spend a day in the courtroom of Commissioner Bonnie Canada-Thurston, or Arland Bedle, or King County’s Doerty, and the list of Family destroying judges goes on and on.   What we are missing is a trail to follow the money that motivates them.  But, someone in Pennsylvania found it, and found that two judges were forcing children into Juvenile Detention to line their own pockets.

Yep, you are truend, you skipped school for one day, you will spend 90 days in a Private Detention facility for kids, and the facility will pay me a nice little sum for the referal.

Geeze, sound like the same referals that Washington DV Press reports goes on in the DV industry, referals to particular DV Perp trainers, Referals to specific Guardian-ad-litems, Specific Counselors, etc.  SO, we need to follow the money to find out why these bigots of the Court have their special little referals, and what is in it for them, lest we have our children being attacked next……..

Read the story here……..http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44105072/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/#.TkQpSYJQDQw

October 10, 2011

Why can’t I email my Division of Child Support Case Worker?

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Division of CHild Support Email addresses found hereIt’s simple, they don’t want you to.  They want to speak to you real time, so they can bully you and help you understand who is in control of who, and they don’t want you to document their discussion.  Remember, they are a collection agency, and you can be certain they are documenting the conversation – in fact, they are required to by Federal law if they are going to get paid for collecting from you.

So, we’ve made it simple for you.  Go to http://dshs.washingtonsharedparenting.com and look up your case workers email address from the 20,000 plus emails we have gotten for you via the public disclosure process.   See, we listen to you.  We noticed the number one reason people found our site was that they were looking for an email address for DSHS.   DSHS has chosen as an Agency to Opt-out of the State of Washington’s email system.  Yep, the largest agency in the State, and one that is 100% public facing, has decided that email is bad for them.  Well, they have actually said it is bad for the public to use it to communicate with them.  They use it extensively for their work, but don’t let you.

We recommend only communicating with them via email.  Look em up,  if they aren’t there, insist on the address, and then send it to info@washingtonsharedparenting.com so we can add it to our database.

While you are at it, ask them for a copy of your case notes.  You need those several times a year, just so you know what is going on with your case – don’t expect them to tell you.  You can get them as a public records request – they must give them to you.  IF they don’t – contact us at info@washingtonsharedparenting.com – they will give them up, the cost for them not to is too high.

Are you a victim of false allegations of Domestic Violence

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False DV allegations WashingtonWashington Domestic Violence Press – or WADVPress.org is a website that is battling corruption in Washington Courts surrounding the Domestic Violence industry.  It’s not uncommon for judges, especially in King County, to direct candidates to Domestic Violence Perpetrator Courses, and to name specific courses they want them in, directing to their buddies in the industry, where they get the results they want.

It’s a common ploy for attorneys to not only ask the courts for these classes, but to insist they attend specific courses where they know the results after a history of watching the abuse some of these providers dole out.   It’s a close knit industry, and it is an industry, where money drives the behavior, and it has little to do with anything about children.

Check out WADVPress.org and get involved – working together we can end not only Domestic Violence, but false accusations and profiteering by the slugs in the Bar Association and the Courts that drive the padding of their own pockets by this unethical behavior.

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