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June 3, 2012

Minnesota Shared Parenting Bill Vetoed

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Washington needs shared parentingMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill passed by the Minnesota Legislature that would have guaranteed non-custodial Parents (the majority are dads) at least 35% parenting time with their Children.  What is incredible is that this passed the legislature in Minnesota, which recognizes the importance of both parents being involved in the lives of their children.  Look at Washington States own irresponsible Legislature, that forbids it from even being brought to the floor for consideration!

The Good news is that the Governor, who is a divorced non-custodial Parent, has committed to putting together a group to look at meaningful reform for Minnesota to help fathers and children.

The question for the State of Washington Legislature is this – just how deep is that sand that your head is buried in?  Can you possibly pull it out, or should men just figure that they must always pull out.


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