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January 19, 2012

What do we have to be happy for today with all of this Snow?

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Well, if you are a non-custodial parent, and you are with your kids, it’s one more day of quality time due to no snow, and no work.  All you can do is sit at home, read, play games, spend some quality time together.

Relish in the idea that the Courts are closed today, and this is one weekday that non-custodial parents are not being slaughtered by the likes of Sassaman, Bedle, Waggoner, Canada-Thurston, and the rest of the Commissioners and Judges that are hell bent on destroying the lives of young children that deserve both children in their lives, the the prersonal profit of members of the Lieyers Union, Guardian Ad-litems, etc.

If you aren’t with your kids today, and you can’t get to work – dedicate the day to helping yourselves and others such as -

  • Write a letter to your State representatives in Olympia asking for their support with shared parenting laws
  • Write a an email to your case worker at DCS and get a copy of your case notes
  • If you have lost contact with your kids – go to www.USSharedParenting.com and post a note to them on Family Finder – it works – 4 parents have been reconnected with lost kids.
  • Leave a Comment on this blog, or other news stories that affect families, and point out some facts that will help a non-custodial parent.
  • Write a note to your child – remind them that Daddy/Mommy loves them.

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