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November 26, 2011

DCS got you by the throat – and you can’t breath? Here’s some tips

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DSHS DCS Support Enforcement actions defenseLet’s face it, DCS has a job to do, collect as much money to earn as much revenue for Washington State as it possibly can, regardless of the outcome of children.  THey are a credit collection agency, make no doubts about it.

It works this way, they collect the money, and the higher percentage, read again – the higher percentage of collections they do, the more Federal Title IV-D funds they get.   Percentage.  If they collect from 5 guys paying $1,000 a month, or they collect from 5 guys paying $50 a month, they get the same incentives because it is based on Percentages.

This process should help you understand something – if your former spouse isn’t paying their $50 a month, and never had, don’t expect a lot of resources to be applied to getting that money, as the odds are it will cost them a lot of money.  Now, if they have always paid, and aren’t because they lost their job, well now, this is different, we can collect from this guy – so we will put a lot of resources on him to get money, as he is not huring our percentage.

But, we have digressed a bit.  Here is the real question – are they legally allowed to do what they are doing?  Or, are they doing what they think they need to do to collect from you, and ignoring what is lawful.  THere are ways to check – at http://WashingtonSharedParenting.com/web we have the entire Division of Child Support manual available online for you.   It should be your bible for comparing what is being done or not done, and is legally available to the staff of DCS for collections.

For example, The Washington State Court of Appeals has ruled that Administrative Subpoena’s authored by an Agency that is requestiong PERSONAL information, must have a Judges Signature on it.   Odd, DCS used to send Administrative Subpoena’s to Agencies like the Snohomish County PUD, who would blindly respond to them, unlawfully.  They didn’t know better because their legal advice was sub-par.   This of course is just an example.

Here is what we recommend – use the Public Records Act and write an email to your SEO and ask for a copy of your case comments.   Their email is on our email list at http://dshs.washingtonsharedparenting.com

YOu don’t need to ask for much – something like this – Please give me a copy of my case notes, following Washington’s Public Records Act.  You should have them in 5 days, or at least a response saying when you will get them.  If not, comment on here, we can help you get them, and maybe earn some money from them in damages too.

Next, read the notes to see what DCS has been up to.  Read the Policy Manual to see if they are legally authorized to do so.  If they aren’t, email the SEO and ask them for a copy of the authority they relied upon to do what they did, ask them to state where it is in their policy Manual.  Verify the manual says that, and confirm it word for Word.  Employees like Pete Turner at DCS have a habit of editing the paragraphs to meet their personal needs (commonly called lying, or deceiving people).

Write a letter to David Stillman if you find they are not following the Policy Manual, demand they start following it, and correct anything adverse that has happended to you.

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