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November 22, 2011

Seattle’s Own FM 87.3 exposes Gender Bias in WA Courts

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Dad's protect children from false accusing mothersThe story about the loss of one Sky Metawala has turned the Washington DV industry upside down.  Not because they have come out and told us the mother suffered from abuse, not because they came out and said the Father beat the child, not because the father was restrained from seeing his children because of her allegations of abuse.  Or any of the other myths they use to defend false accusing, Domestic Violence Perps they defend.  But because new voices are being heard about the very issues within the DV industry in this State.

It’s worse.  The mother had such a low score on a psych evaluation that she was thought to be suicidal, or worse, to bring harm to her children or others.  And, with that on her back, the children were removed from the father, and given to the mother.  Thank you Judges and Commissioners of King County – another fine job of butchering a loving father who should have been given the opportunity to protect his son.

A tragedy out of King County Courts AGAIN!  A black eye to the DV industry as a whole, and those that make a living out of it.  Why, because it’s their very actions, their support of false accusers, rather than prosecuting this Violators that sets up these tragic incidents.

However, FM87.3 highlighted the issues on their program today, and had interviews with two members of the Washington DV Commission.   Yep, these new spokesmen for the DV industry take a different view of things – they want to expose the false allegations that King County has NEVER prosecuted.  They want to address the same DV Perpetrator Trainers that the Commissioners of King County insist on sending the falsely accused to, and ignore the rest of the firms that provide the same service (can you say follow the money?).  They want to bring this DV industry under control, so that tax dollars are used to actually help families, rather than destroy them.

David Martin, King County Prosecutor, maybe you can leave a comment and tell us how many false accusers you have prosecuted.  Wait, don’t waste your time, we already know, you told us – ZERO.   6,000 DV restraining orders give out like Candy each year in King County, and not ONE SINGLE FALSE ALLEGATION?  HA!  Are you kidding me, on average, 25 are given out each day, and none are false allegations?  None?  ZIP?  How can that possibly be?

It wasn’t long ago that a local psychologist killed himself after getting caught video taping coworkers and clients in the women’s bathroom.  He was a part of the King County band of brothers, having been married to one of the Judges, and being one of the sole recipients of the courts referrals for work.  He demonstrated just how bad our courts are.

With what is coming out these days, it really is time for the Feds to step in and start investigating King County Courts for not only their failures, but their bias, steering of work to friends, and their complete lapse of professional conduct.  King County is not alone, in fact, Thurston County is probably the worse, and deserves an investigation of their own.   But please, start it now, before we are searching for more young children damaged at the hands of their own sick parents, and lousy biased decisions of Washington’s Non-Superior Courts.





  1. when trained by the DV scream queens, the “err on the side of caution” Kingco Commissioners, unelected quasi-judges, really got caught with their panties in a bunch on this one.

    They HAD the damning psych report, but taking cover from Childrens Services DSHS, took the kids away from Dad, and put at least the girl in foster care.

    When an organization like Kingco courts consistently demonstrate hard bias, eventually it will catch up with them. The commissioner, Jeske, has a long history of these very questionable rulings, sadly, one child is now in serious jeopardy just to fulfill the political aims of the judges, for who she works.

    Time to pay the piper, you black-pajama wearing robber barons. In the child’s best interest, indeed!


    The Geezer

    Comment by The Geezer — November 22, 2011 @ 5:00 pm

  2. very well written and exactly on target. with the internet and social media, i really believe, and hope, the end is near for the corruptness and extortion we all have witnessed here in WA state of our kids. the lights are on and the rats are running for cover. i hope the holes are plugged so the rats can’t hide this time. thank you very much to this web site for another clear picture of the truth.

    Comment by dwayne humenny — December 7, 2011 @ 5:16 am

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