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November 21, 2011

Washington’s Worse 10 Judges/Commissioners to Avoid – Led by Meg Sassaman

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RateTheCourts.com is a site where you can go to rate a judge or commissioner you have had in a recent case.  The site compiles statistics for rated Judges, and provides a list of the worse Judges/Commissioners from what People have voted.   Interesting to note that most on the list are Commissioners, not judges.   Of course a civics lesson tells us that Commissioners are not elected, and are chosen to serve at the wim of the Judges.  Of course that same civic lesson would have to tell you that Commissioners serve for life usually, and are the meanest, nastiest people on the bench – because they are accountable to nobody, and the Judges like having someone else do the dirty work in Family Court, etc.

If you look at the data, it is interesting that some have many more negative comments than the rest.  For instance, the worse on the list is Commissioner Meg Sassaman as far as negative comments.  Well, she is notorious for her bias in Family Court.  Interesting that the Judges haven’t removed her for her lousy representation on the Bench.  But to really measure how bad they are, look at the grade they get – Bonnie Canada-Thurson, the Tirant of King County Courts scores the worse – with an F(.11), compared to the angelic grade of D-(.57) for Sassaman.  Only Judge James Doerty grades close to what Bonnie Blood Thirstin Canada get with his F(.18).  Please your honorless James Doerty, stand up and take a bow.  You deserve it.

Washington's worse Judges and Commissioners for Family Court


Many of the names on this list are well known, and come as no surprise that they are not on the list.  Good luck if you are a non-custodial Parent that gets in front of this lot – it will be your coldest day in hell!

Check it out for your self at http://ratethecourts.com where you can look up your own “Favorite” family destroyer.  I believe there are some good stories that involve some of these members of the court on http://WADVPress.org

Got a story about one of these members of the Court – please, share it with us, we would love to publish it for  you.


  1. Someone suggested that there is a lawsuit that was filed against some of the Judges in King County because of their handling of DV cases inproperly. Anyone go the intel on that issue, and how it is coming along. The Public should be informed of these issue that involve the courts.

    Comment by Snoco Sum Biatch — November 21, 2011 @ 4:16 am

  2. The Geez was informed that Doherty has a bias against anyone with traditional family values. So if that is your gig, you may want to downplay it.

    Still amazes this old boy that the “light in the loafers” group, Doherty included, are against shared parenting, as their folks are the ones almost always impacted by the evil, pajama wearing robber barons, and the vultures that hang about the courthouse with them.

    Comment by The Geezer — November 21, 2011 @ 4:18 am

  3. Knowing how their male friends behave, they don’t want to see children around males. Pretty simple I suspect. Twisted minds do twisted things. It’s not bias, it’s protectionism.

    Comment by StraightArrow — November 21, 2011 @ 4:35 am

  4. Judge Doerty has engaged in exparte communications with opposing Counsel Karma Zaike or the Michael Bugni Law Firm, he was kind enough to provide the outcome of a hearing 3 days prior, of course Karma represented the party making false DV allegations (I guess I could have just said the woman).

    He is terrible if his name comes up in your case file run, run away.

    Simply a angry man with unresolved father issues who take it out on you.

    Comment by A patient Man — December 30, 2011 @ 5:27 am

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