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12 Aug

Forced Absense! A must see film about divorce and parental alienation

I watched this trailer and really thought I saw someone I was married to at one time, and definitely saw the hurt that my children have endured.  It’s incredible how this videographer has captured the essence of parental alientation.

I can’t wait to see this film.

10 Aug

Washington Bar thugs have a new game plan - undermine Child Support Workgroup

betson-was-here.jpgThe rumor is out that the Washington State Bar Association Family Law Committee that has been participating in the Child Support Workgroup for several years, and pushing their agenda of an enormous increase in the Child Support in Washington State is fed up with the Child Support Workgroup, realizing they can’t pass their self-centered agenda legitimately and will now attempt to pass their own legislation through the 2009 Legislature.

That’s right, after trying to manipulate the system by advocating for out of state Economist Dr. David Betson, by getting court employees on the committee as Parent volunteer nominated by Governor Gregoirre, they have now decided they are defeated and must form another tactic to get their hate and discontent into the hands of the legislature.

The sad thing is that this splinter group of radical feminist will push an agenda of hate to the legislature, and will be representing the entire Washington State Bar Association when they do so.  It’s incredible that the WSBA has allowed their name to be marginalized by a small group that is not in touch with mainstream Washington Citizens.  It’s amazing that this small group is allowed to push for an agenda that is unreasonable and not in the best interest of any Washington Familes - but creates acromony that fuels a legal industry in Washington State.

If you are a member of the Washington State Bar Association - you have two choices - remain ashamed of the behavior of your Family Law Committee, or stand up and say what is right for the Families of Washington State.  Support Families, like your own, or destroy families like your Family Law Committee does.

11 Jul

Is there any question as to why Police don’t enforce parenting plans - here is why

nodonuts.jpgAny non-custodial parent that has called his local police department hoping to get assistance in upholding the mandatory parenting plan understands the frustration that parents feel from the lack of support received.  It’s simple - the police officers that WE fund to uphold the laws of our state simply won’t get involved in this civil issue.  They will tell you they don’t get involved with civil issues, but the fact remains they do get involved in some civil issues - but they pick and chose which ones. 

Here is a quote that strikes me odd.  Maybe it strikes my funny bone, and provides that sting that goes along with a strike of the funny bone.  Actually, it’s quite disgusting to read it from a police official in Washington State.

“To answer your question why we are not aggressively going after Civil Contempt of Parenting plans, or parenting plan violations should be pretty obvious to you:  because no one is paying us to do so. ”

Talk about an understandment.  It’s not that it’s not aggressive, its that it is non-existent!  Period. 

For instance, many domestic violence issues are simple civil issues.  But, under Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) funding, the police receive federal funding to get involved with this type of civil issue.  They make it their business.  This author has no issue with that, as long as it is applied equally to all domestic violence issues, and bias is not shown, but male and female perpetrators are treated equally.  Of course we all know that its not today.

However, divorce has several other issues that are civil - child support and parenting plans.  But a state requirement before a judge will give a divorce is a parenting plan.  WE’ve written often about the bias that our judges give out with their parenting plans without even batting an eye, or feeling bad - its blatant, and well understood.  It happens, each and every day, and the judges don’t care, since it is a part of their funding through the Division of Child Support.

However, why police will get involved with child support issues, while ignoring parenting plan violations baffles many.  Let’s expose the truth about it, so everyone understands it.  Until we understand this problem, we can’t fix it.  And its quite simple, in the eyes of police - nobody pays them to do it.  Thats right - in their words, they don’t get paid to uphold the court ordered parenting plan that is there to protect Washington’s Childeren.  Yes, I know, your tax dollars are given to them to uphold all laws, and they are not asked to exclude the parenting plan enforcement responsibility from their budget, and there are laws that make it a misdemeanor to withhold a child from another parent for parenting time. 

One police office friend told the truth - their officers, and all the officers in Washington State, don’t pursue parenting plan violations - they aren’t trained to do so, they are not encouraged to do so.  So, they refuse to do it.  You read the quote - they believe they are not paid to do so.   Of course this is way beyond irresponsible that our elected law enforcement officials ignore this important aspect of protecting children.  I’ve always assumed my taxes are paid to law enforcement to uphold the laws of Washington State - and it is against the law to violate a court ordered parenting plan that was SUPPOSEDLY ordered by the courts to protect the best interest of the child - yet there is no police protection when the best interest of the child is violated.

It’s just like Child Protective Services, you know, the ones that only remove a child from an abuse parent, or foster parent when a gurney is required.  DSHS and the police are the same here - they only remove a child after they have been permanently harmed - if then.  That is why the 93% of Washington’s children that come from families that only give them 4 days per month - and also get violated at that, fail in school, end up pregnant, commit the majority of teen suicides, and drop out of school.

Great police we have here in Washington State - aren’t they.  How to I get my abused tax dollars back?  Or, how much will it cost to have my children protected?


05 Jul

Who’s who running for Snohomish Judge? We have our thoughts……

corruptjudgesofwashington.jpgOh course, its the same as the rest of the state - most of Snohomish Counties Judges will run unopposed.  In fact, there is just two positions that have more than one candidate - out of 15 in the county.  Positions 6 and 8 actually have a challenge, while the rest have fallen under the typical position to not run against a sitting judge if you don’t want to committ a career decision as an attorney by running against one of them.

I guess we can see more of the same from Snohomish County, and I suspect the career Commissioners of Snohomish County will remain in their position still.

One of our members has sent out an email to candidates with questions about how they will deal with family court matters.  One has responded so far.  Once the others do, or don’t, we will offer up our recommendations for these positions.

Here is our laundry list of changes we would like to see in Snohomish County Courts - 

If you are a candidate for Judge in Snohomish County - we would love to know if you can live up to these changes.  We are counting on it, and also doubting it.

What we really want to know - will you make it into the corrupt judges of Washington Book?

Heres the races - Running for Position #6

  • Joe Wilson
  • George Appel
  • Jim Johanson

Our thoughts - Appel is endorced by Janice Ellis, Prosecuting Attorney.  Here in ability to reign in her family court division causes concern for any candidate she recommends.  He has been a DV Prosecutor - that is one big strike against him - as it will be hard for him to overcome his well trained bias as a judge.  Andy prosecutor that hasn’t stood up and screamed about the bias in DV is a worry for families.  Rob McKenna also endorces him.  We like Rob, so we are listening.  But we need him to answer our questions before we ask anyone to give him a vote.   Johanson is endorced by Aaron Reardon - we like that, and that is a positive note.  HE is also endorsed by several judges - who are running unopposed - that scares us!  Joe Wilson - Sorry - too many beaurocrats support him, including most of the sitting judges and the former sheriff for the county.  Yikes!

Running for Position #8

  • David Hulbert 
  • Eric Lucas

Our thoughts -  David Hulbert’s candidate statement blasts his opponent more than anything else - seems less than professional.  Doesn’t matter to us that he was a judge in the past - elected three times - I suspect several were unopposed anyways.  Eric Lucas -  the fact that the local Bar voted negatively towards him is a plus in our book!  Maybe, just maybe we have a judge that doesn’t believe in bias in the courts, and doesn’t follow the behavior of the local bar association!  We might like this guy!  A lot!

22 Jun

NCP’s can help get media attention to the Shared Parenting Petition for Washington State! We need your help!

wheres-the-media.jpgLet’s face it, it’s not an easy task finding the more than 350,000 non-custodial parents in Washington State.  Imagine, 325,000 of them only get to see their kids 4 days or less a month.  It’s a travesty that our media should be screaming about.  Yet, they are silent!

You can make a difference - pick up the phone, or write an email, or letter to your favorite radio show and ask them to promote the signing of the shared parenting bill at http://petition.WashingtonSharedParenting.com

Write a comment to your local TV Station and ask them to do a story on Shared Parenting - and ask that they tell about the petition at http://petition.WashingtonSharedParenting.com

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper - tell about how test scores are lower for high school seniors, suicides are up, teen pregnancy is up, and dropouts are up when both parents are not substantially involved in the lives of the children.

Let everyone know that both parents are necessary to conceive a child, and both are needed to raise them to be responsible members of our society.

You can make a difference, but will you?

15 Jun

Father Time protests in front of Yakima Courthouse - makes it on local news!

Father Time shared parenting yakimaThat Tietsort is known as Father Time.  And it has special meaning to him - as he looks for more Father time with his children.  today - Fathers day, Thad was dressed as Father time and walking in front of the Yakima County Courthouse.  He plans on doing this every Sunday until the election.  His belief is now is the time to get the message to the judges and members of the legislature that are up for re-election - that it Father Time - Time to give fathers the time they deserve with their children.

 Your absolutely right Thad, and we need to support you!  Yakima is a great place to go for a drive some weekend, spend the weekend enjoying some Eastern Washington Sunshine, and joining in with Thad for one of his protests.  For more information, visit Thads website at http://www.geopics.net/fathertime

What have you done recently to promote shared parenting?  Isn’t it about time to support your children and get involved?

UPDATE - See the Video

15 Jun

15% of the divorced fathers in Washington will celebrate fathers day today, the rest have high hope for the next generation of children

Fatherless dayWhen only 15% of the fathers in Washington get custody of their children, and only 7% of the non-custodial parents get their kids more than 4 days per month, all that we can hope is better results for the next generation.  And that is in every aspect of the situion.

  • Hope that the next generation of Judges will not carry on the cronism of the current Judges
  • Hope that the courts will recognize the rule of law, and not their own personal biases
  • Hope that our Courts will recognize that it is an extreme conflict of interest for them to have contracts with State Agencies
  • Hope that our state will realize that Commissioners should be temporary positions, not lifetime achievements for attorneys looking for a raise from low paying Prosecutor positions.
  • Hope that their children and grandchildren will see unbiased courts that make ruling based on laws, rather than bias and contracts with State Child Support Agencies
  • Hope that our Legislature rids itself of the DV scream queens that instills fear towards fathers - loving fathers that want nothing more than a life with their children

It’s a sad state of affairs in Washington State - a system broken.  A system that is built around the destruction of the family, and built around non-traditional family values.

Fathers day is a sad day for many - children and their fathers.  And it won’t change as long as we all watch it pass by, doing nothing.  Get involved now.  You really can make a difference if you just get involved!

14 Jun

Kennewick Man Protests Washington’s standard of 4 days per month of Parenting Time - On Father’s day!

julian-protest.jpgA story in the Tri-City Herald highlights a protest walk that has been organized by a Kennewick man - Julian Mariscal.  Mariscal has gotten permits for a protest to start at the Benton Counties Justice Center in Kennewick at noon on Fathers day.  The walk will proceed down to Columbia way.

The story has comment by a local Benton County Judge - Robert Swisher, a Superior Court Judge.  His comment “The typical family pattern was the mother at home with the children, the father working,” serious puts a doubt on ability to make decision in todays courts.  These families are not traditional, as they are getting divorced.  That mother is going to work.  In fact, I think the Cleavers were the last traditional family - with Beaver left wondering what happened to his traditional family.  Swisher, a long time judge feels fathers get their fair day in court. 

“The law mandates that both mother and father receive equal consideration in awarding custody to one or the other, and I think both do,” he said.  Oh course he does, as he is a part of the system of judges in our state that award custody to mothers in 85% of all divorces, and ensure that non-custodial parents in 93% of all divorces get 4 days a  month or less.

Certainly Swisher won’t admit the bias of his court, or the other courts of Washington State.  It’s telling when a Washington State Senator testifies to the legislature that a Tacoma Judge explained to him that in Pierce Couty “We give every other weekend, thats what we do”.  So much for the rule of law!

We wish you well with your walk tomorrow Julian.  You are a hero in the eyes of many.

However, until we all vote these judges from the dark ages out of office, we can expect that children of Washington State will suffer.  We have the judges that ignore the intent of the legislature, and the people of Washington State to thank for increase teen suicide, lower test scores, high teen pregnancy, and the rest of the social issues that come with it.

THis election season - send a strong message - reelect nobody!  And, if the judge is unopposed, write in Shared Parenting as a write-in and vote for them!  Lets send a message to the cronies that run our courts!

 UPDATE - SEE the Video

23 May

Huge Shared Parenting advocate David Spring announces his run for the Washington State Legislature - 5th District

spring-for-house.jpgDemocratic Candidate David Spring has just announced that he will be seeking your vote when he runs for the Washington State Legislatures 5th District.  David has proven to be one of the biggest supporters of shared parenting in Washington State, himself a parent with a shared custody parenting plan.

As a member of the Washington State Child Support Workgroup, and faculty of Washington State University, David comes with a wealth of experience to the State Legislature, and will be uniquely qualified to help educate the entire legislature on the need for protecting Washington’s children and families.

All Shared Parenting Advocates need to get behind David, helping to promote his candidacy wherever they can.  We need all candidates that support shared parenting to win their races if we want to bring about change in Washington State.

Please consider a donation to the campaign to elect David Spring.  You can make any size donation to “Spring for House” by mailing your donation to P.O. Box 57, North Bend, WA 98045.  We need to get David rolling financially so he can get matching funds from his party to really make a race out of this.

Let’s all work to make a difference in Washington State!!!

01 May

War inside our borders cost $112 billion a year, so does the war in Iraq

shared-parenting-not-war.jpgImagine this, tens of thousands of troops in Iraq, equipped with the best that our taxes can buy, tanks, jets, helicopters, and all the support that goes with it - and for good reason - to protect our country.  For or against the war, we all understand the financial burden it takes on our country, and we all want to ensure the safety of our Soldiers, and ensure they come home safe.  Yet many of them come hope to an empty house, or a restraining order issued while overseas to keep them from their children, like many other parents - victims of the nuclear option - False allegations of Domestic Violence, or other issues related to the quick grab for custody of children - the real prisoners of war.

However, here is the question.  Come home to what?  Another war?  The war in family courts costs the United States the same amount as the War in Iraq - $112 Billion a year.  Unbelievably, we are spending as much on divorce in the United States as we are on the War in Iraq. The difference - in Iraq we have Generals leading the war - at home we have Judges.  In Iraq we have Soldiers fighting for peace, at home we have Non-custodial parents.  In Iraq, we have special forces - at home we have members of the special Bar Association.  In Iraq we have insurgents - at home we have custodial parents.  In Iraq - the soldiers try to protect the citizenry, at home the NCP’s try to protect their children.

In Iraq they have Jets and Helicopters that drop large bombs.  At home they have VAWA and false allegations to drop large bombs.  At home they have restraining orders and no-contact orders to keep the NCP from the children, in Iraq they use barbed wire and fortified military camps.

Congress approves the spending in Iraq, from the general fund.  The US Department of Health and Human Services approves the spending at home from the Social Security Fund.

The people of Iraq long for freedom, for democracy.  The children of the United States long for two loving parents.

They say we will never get out of Iraq, it will drag on for years to come.  I’m afraid it is the same for our children.

In Iraq, we have a new generation of citizens that have seen nothing but war in their country - it’s not much different at home. 

The question for NCP’s at home is this - will you remain a reserve, or will you return to active duty to fight for your rights to have a meaningful relationship with your children.  Will you children be a prisoner of war, or will you fight to gain their release?

Will you be a revolutionary soldier in this war to free your children, or a toy soldier in this game called family law?  Your choice - the outcomes are very different.


Copied with rewrite permission from USSharedParenting.com

27 Apr

PLEASE - Don’t donate to a politician in Washington State until they committ to supporting Shared Parenting

fathers-x-mothers.jpgYou have power in your wallet.  There are 350,000 non-custodial parents in Washington State.  If they each gave $10 to a candidate - say Dino Rossi as an example - that is $3.5 Million dollars.  We need his committment to shared parenting, along with any other candidate that is running for ANY office in the State of Washington.  Please - send letters to them, ask for their support, offer to support their campaign financially if they do.  AND Please - support them well if they committ.  Give up that cup of Starbucks for a month - send them the $80 you would save.

Your wallet does have power - should you choose to use it.  Please - send an email or a letter to your candidates today - ask for their support in writing, and then send it to us.  We will post it, and we will mass email everyone on our lists and ask that they support the candidate.

It’s time to end Family Abuse - and it starts with this election!

25 Apr

Today - April 25th is Parental Alienation Day. A great day to rededicate ourselves to our children

stopparentalalienation.jpgWashington’s Child Support Workgroup is meeting today at SeaTac.  They will no doubt discuss how to make changes to the child support table to increase the amount of child support that is paid every month by the Non-custodial parents in Washington State.  Bid Deal!  It’s already been proven that our tables are 17% - 40% too high, and the local legal hawks and feminist groups want to raise it more.  I hate the idea of it, but my mind is somewhere else.

Where is the committee that is meeting to discuss Parental Alienation?.  Where is the committee that is discussing how we can ensure that the legally required parenting plans are enforced?  Where is the meeting to discuss how we improve the outcomes for children?

Are we really so blind that we focus all of our attention on the financial needs of the childre, while we completely ignore the emotional well being, that will effect them the remainder of their lives?  Are we really that ignorant as a society?

Absolutely.  Tonight, hundreds of children will go to sleep in their bed, having listedn to negative talk about the other parent, the one they do not get to see regularly, the one that has been marginalized in their lives, the one that they have been told is a bad person, or irresponsible person, or simply their sperm donor.  Actually, its more like thousands, and maby even 10’s or 100’s of thousands in our State along.

World Wide, April 25th has been set aside as Parental Alienation Awareness Day.  Not in Washington of course.  Instead, we have Child Support Workgroup meeting day, where we sit around and try to raise the child support, without discussing accountability for how it is spend, without giving the marginalized non-custodial parent any credit for residential time at their home, without considering them as a part of the family of these children - but a mere visitor - at best.

The link to this story, written by Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia’s 50th Distict lays out the abuse by her own States Child Protective Services.  It represent even another form of Parental Alienation - that done by State Agencies.  It is hard to not compare the two as being similar, when they both are driven by the same federal dollars.  Different motives of course, but the same Federal Dollars keep any action from being taken by the States, who have their own budgets to protect.

Today needs to be Parent-Child Alienation Awareness Day, and all parents, alienated or not, needs to dedicate themselves to ridding our society of this scurge.  Those that are alienated need to spend the lost time from their children dedicated to working to resolve these issues.  There is a reason we have not heard this discussed on the campaign trail by any Presidential Candidate - the issue is not being spoken about enough.  The are more concerned with the war in Irag than the War on our Children, which costs roughly the same amount of money to the tax payers.

The are more concerned about the sniper that didn’t fire on Senator Clinton’s plane, than concerned about the millions of children in the US that are Alientated from a parent.  They are more concerned about how many new voters in a particular demographic voted for Obana, or CLinton to think about the damage to million of children on any particular day.

Can we get back to reality?  Can we refocus on the Children?  Can we refocus on the Family before it is too late?

You can start today by signing and asking others to sign the Washington Shared Parenting Petition at http://petition.WashingtonSharedParenting.com  Its a great start - and please let it be only a start.  Take the time to get involved.

21 Apr

NCP Parent speaks his mind to the Courts - and makes a GREAT Point for every voting NCP!

horror-courts.jpgJust received a copy of a letter to a Washington State Superior Court Administrator that really sums up the issue that NCP voters run into when they are called for jury duty.  I love this letter and encourage everyone to consider the same.  Can you really sit in a court and think about the facts of the hearing rather than the monster behind the bench in the black robe.


Jury Administrator



Please remove me from the pool of potential jurors.  I went through the Washington State Family Court system in a divorce with 3 children.  The abusive treatment my children and I suffered from the court has rendered it impossible for me to be an impartial juror or make a clear and unbiased decision in a court case. 

            Prior to entering the Washington State Family Court System, I was well aware that the Court has a pro-female bias at every level and that bankrupting dads and keeping them away from their children is a multi-billion dollar industry that seeks to perpetuate itself.  Nonetheless, I was unprepared for the levels of corruption that I observed in the Washington State Court system.  The current female custody, dad visitation system, can only be described as “child abuse” and the judges who keep children from having both parents in their lives are clearly “child abusers.”  These judges are much different from the typical “child abuser”, however, as the “child abuser” lurking at the park harms just a couple of children, but the “child abusers” in the courthouse, dressed in the black robes with the six figure incomes, harm thousands of children.

            It has been my experience that the Washington State Judicial System is an organization completely lacking in integrity, driven by money.  I have observed the Family Court System Judges to be intelligent, well-educated, articulate, highly compensated, biased, corrupt, child-abusing bullies.  After the abuse my children and I suffered at the hands of the Washington State Family Court system, it is impossible for me to function as an impartial juror.   

            It is absurd for Washington State to continue harm dads and their children, and then require a dad to report for jury duty and then expect him to function as an impartial juror.  If you have any questions, you may contact me at the following:

John NCP

0U812 NCP Bias Street

Anytown, WA 98xxx 

21 Apr

Domestic Violence Industry opposes shared parenting - yet DV defines parental alienation

cp-dv-perp.jpgThis list was just found on the web site for the Auburn Police department.  Look at the list - notice how many of these issues are used by custodial parent to keep NCP’s from their children.  It’s incredible - further evidence that these CP’s that keep children from their other parent are committing DV just like the Department of Justice defines on their website.


Batterer’s Tactics

Batterer’s Tactics During the Relationship

You may be at risk for domestic violence if your partner is doing any of the following things:

  • Checking up on you too much: for example, your partner may be listening to your phone calls, asking you where you were, calling you at work throughout the day, or checking the mileage on your car.
  • Putting you down: for example, your partner may call you names, criticize you frequently, humiliate you in public or private, or make you feel crazy.
  • Trying to control what you do: for example, your partner may be telling you not to see certain friends or family members, keeping you from going to school or work, making you stay at home when you want to go out.
  • Acting jealous or possessive and saying that is a sign of love.
  • Destroying or threatening to destroy your belongings.
  • Threatening to hurt you, your friends, other family members, or pets.
  • Touching you in a way that hurts or scares you.
  • Making you have sex in ways or at times that are not comfortable for you.
  • Blaming you or others for everything; getting angry in a way that scares you.
  • Saying that your concerns and fears about your relationship are not real or not important.
  • Batterer’s Tactics After Separation

  • Asking children what the victim is doing (probing continually during your parenting time.)
  • Asking who the victim is seeing (more probing!)
  • Blaming the victim for the separation
  • Blaming the victim for the relationship ending
  • Telling the children that they cannot be a family because of the victim (information children should not be exposed to - right or wrong!)
  • Talking about what the victim did “wrong” (adult discussions with children - great!)
  • Calling constantly to talk to the children (interupting parenting time!)
  • Showing up unexpectedly to see the children (unscheduled and unwanted checkups on your own kids!)
  • Criticizing the victim’s new partner (make sure they can’t be happy again - fear of a replacement mom or dad!)
  • Assaulting the victim’s new partner
  • Withholding child support
  • Blaming the victim as a reason to not pay child support
  • Showering children with gifts during visitation (I get the child support - we can spend it anyway we please - lets go to the carnival tonite!)
  • Undermining the victim’s rules for the children (tell the other parent this is how its done at my house - and its the right way!)
  • Picking up the children at school without telling the victim (snag them on the NCPs visitation day - the police or courts won’t do anything anyways!)
  • Keeping them longer than agreed on (same as above - nobody will hold the CP accountable!)
  • Abducting the children (One week’s jail - reduced to picking up garbage if you are a CP - 5 yrs at San Quentin if NCP!)
  • Threatening to take custody away from the victim if the victim does not reconcile with the batterer (my way or the hiway - they are my kids - you just visit!)
  • Blaming the victim for their health/emotional problems (IF the NCP didn’t do this to you…….)
  • Telling the children that the victim is an alcoholic, addict, or mentally ill (disparaging remarks!)
  • Making frequent court dates to change the parenting plan
  • Telling the children that the victim didn’t want them (If your NCP wanted you - they would be here - while they are being concealed!)
  • Physically abusing them and telling them not to tell the victim (how often have your kids hidden abuse from you - asking you not to tell!)
  • Abusing a new partner in front of them
  • Changing visitation plans suddenly   (when a CP fights to keep you from your kids - what are they hiding?)

    19 Apr

    New website dedicated to fighting DV False Allegations

    license.jpgIt’s well known that we are dedicated to shared parenting and exposing issues that affect custody and visitation issues for Washington families.  One of the big disruptions to family life is false allegations of Domestic Violence, which is often used as a method of brute force custody of children, but making a false claim and then getting restraining orders to keep loving parents from their child.

    It’s a behavior that sickens people - it’s destructive, and a menace to families.  And it is often used in the Family Courts.  It’s, the bias it supports is all over in our state - from the hanging of biased artwork at Superior Court houses, training classes for Washington Employees, or on DSHS websites.

    There is such a compelling need to write about these issue, but this site simply isn’t the place for it.  Thankfully, someone has come up with a site for doing it.  The site - WADVPress.org was just started this week and is featuring stories and information related to the destruction of Washington Families by the Domestic Violence Industry.  What a fantastic idea, and one we all need to support!

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