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June 10, 2012

Washington State Can Protect Parenting Time, but will they?

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Parenting Plan Enforcement in WashingtonLet’s face it, non-custodial parents complain bitterly that they don’t get enough time with their children.   We can’t rely on the legislature to fix it anytime soon – not if you look at the changes Senator Kastama requested for the past 14 years – and was denied by Senator Hargrove repeatedly – let’s not forget Senator McAuliffe for her efforts to keep changes from happening either.

And, when the limited time is provided in a parenting plan, there is absolutely no way to ensure you get that time, as our own Court’s won’t uphold the visitation because they refuse to find any custodial parent in contempt of the parenting plan.

In Illinois, they just passed a law that goes after deadbeat custodial parents that refuse to allow parenting time to the non-custodial parents.  SB 3823 brings remedies and sanctions for visitation interference closer to that of child support non-compliance, as it should be. It provides judges additional tools that they may choose to use, including:

  • Allowing for the suspension of driver’s license
  • Allowing for probation
  • Allowing for imprisonment not to exceed 6 months
  • Allowing for the finding of a petty offence and fines of no more than $500 per offense

Wow, any chance Hargrove and his misfits will find the guts to buck the women’s groups and courts that they cow-tow to and pass a law that protects what little non-custodians get now?  Ya’ think they can use Illinois to as a model to finally do something to protect children?

I won’t hold my breathe, but it sure looks appealing, and seems to be the right thing to do for children.   And, it would allow for more acrimony in the divorce, so we should get the support of the Bar Association on this one – increased revenue for attorney’s – that has to be good for their business.

June 3, 2012

Adult child speaks out about their Parental Alienation in Washington Courts

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We were reminded of this video that was taken at the Snohomish County Courthouse a few years back.  While CRISPE bus was at the Courthouse and a small protest was going on outside, this woman walks up and asks to be interviewed about how the Courts and her Mother turned her against her father, and how she heard false allegation against her father, who she reminded herself years later, was a loving father.

There is no question this goes on in the Courts, and if you follow the money, you will see that the Courts are a money machine, working to improve their funding from Washington’s Division of Child Support’s Federal Title IVD fund, giving out restraining orders like Candy so they receive VAWA funding from the Fed, all the while ignoring the damaging affect, and the associated cost to our Children of Washington.

It’s dispicable that the Courts operate this way, and just as bad that our legislature allows it.  Of Course, they are best friends with the Superior Court Judges Association, and work with them to create jobs in the Courts, increase their salaries, and especially improve their retirement system.  How long will this sham go on before Senators like Hargrove and Rosemary McAuliffe wake up and start protecting those that need protection, the most vulnerable – our children?

Check out the video – it is a wakeup call to the Legislature and our Courts – who apparently are deaf!



Minnesota Shared Parenting Bill Vetoed

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Washington needs shared parentingMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill passed by the Minnesota Legislature that would have guaranteed non-custodial Parents (the majority are dads) at least 35% parenting time with their Children.  What is incredible is that this passed the legislature in Minnesota, which recognizes the importance of both parents being involved in the lives of their children.  Look at Washington States own irresponsible Legislature, that forbids it from even being brought to the floor for consideration!

The Good news is that the Governor, who is a divorced non-custodial Parent, has committed to putting together a group to look at meaningful reform for Minnesota to help fathers and children.

The question for the State of Washington Legislature is this – just how deep is that sand that your head is buried in?  Can you possibly pull it out, or should men just figure that they must always pull out.


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