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January 28, 2012

Sky Metalwala Legislative Bill SB6511 – should be Legislative Committee Wakeup Bill

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I’ve been reading about the bypartisan support for SB6511, the so called Sky Metalwala Bill.  You may recall, Sky Metalwala allegedly disappeard while left in his mothers car when she allegedly ran out of gas.  it’s been over two months since he was seen (at least by civilized people) and the Bellevue Police Department has done little to change the case.  The mother refuses to speak to the police, the Police have no probably cause apparently haul her butt down for questioning.

The other story around this is that the Bias that runs rampant in our State’s Courts over child custody for Fathers, and the Domestic Violence Restraining orders given out like after Dinner Mints has been documented in several hard hitting news articles.  It’s about time, as it has been needed for years.

Well, as like any time you shine the light on issues in Government, the Cochroaches are strambling for cover.  This time its the Washington State Democratically controlled Legislature that is trying to scrape the egg off of their face, and have introduced legislation being called the Sky Metalwala Legislative Bill – SB6511.   This is a good bill when initially read – it requires anyone providing testimony in a Family Court or DV hearing to be under oath.  Yea, Yea, I know, it’s hard to believe the courts are going to actually make people testify honestly in their halls of minimal-justice.  It also requires the Judge to nofity all parties of any information they have read from databases, etc. at the disposal of the courts.

It’s odd, the courts are not allowed to do investigative work on their own, yet they are forcing the courts to state what they have learned from their investigative work.  I think this comes about because former DV Prosecutor Jeske, now out of control Commissioner Jeske of King County Courts regularly brags about what she knows about people because she has been busy reading all of the back chatter in the criminal databases, etc.

But, the real Cockroaches here are the Members of the Legislatures Human Services and Corrections Committee’s in Olympia, who have done sweet fug all to protect the citizens of this state.  For example, Senator Hargrove has been so careful not to upset the Judges, or the Women’s rights advocates, or the DV advocates, or the Title IV-D revenue of Mr. Stillman’s DCS by carefully only making minimal changes to laws that are entirely flawed, he has not accomplished anything to the betterment of Children and families in Washington, and has only served to destroy the work of many for the decades prior to his introduction to this disengenuous Committee.  This bill is a knee jerk reaction I’m sure to pacify citizens that are angered by the Sky Metalwala Case, to show the Judges that he and his committee are the boss when it comes to the Courts, to demonstrate to the DV Queen’s they cant embarass his committee any further, and maybe, just maybe actually protect the Citizens of Washington State.

Then we have Jamie Petersen, or something like that, running the Judiciary in the State House of Representative.  Running his sham to force his gay agenda down the legislature, he is void of any sensible logic when it comes to issues of DV, Parenting time, or anything family related.  The nodoze his committee is on only continues to make terrible situations for loving families worse.

It’s unfortunate this is being called the Sky Metalwala Legislative bill, really, it should be the Legislative Committee Wakeup Bill.

We need a change in the management of our Legislature.  If for no other reason, thant to minimize the members of these Committee’s so we can begin to depend on GREAT Judicial decisions in our State once more, rather than tolerate Courts that are out of control, selfish to their own self-interests, and lacking the common decency and moral terpitude to protect Children in Washington State.

Please, write or call your members of the State Legislature, requesting they put their 100% suppport behind the Sky Metalwala Legislative Bill SB6511 and any others that start to put fairness and ethical decision making in Washington State Courts.

And lets pray for a wholesale changeout of leadership on these two vital committee’s in Olympia.

January 21, 2012

My New Hero – Seattle Weekly’s Nina Shapiro!

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Love a Father!That’s right, it takes a curagious soul to write the article Ripped Apart that highlights the abuse of fathers at the hands of King County Judges and Commissioners.  Chalk full of facts and names like Sassaman, Doerty, Jeske, Bartholomew, the article demonstrates the vicious behavior the courts inflict on loving dad.

These articles of a series need to be read by all!   It is thrilling to see that after all of these years, the media is finally reporting accurately what happens in our mess we call family courts.

Non-custodial moms and dads – you need to read these articles, leave comment, and facts to show the WORLD what has been going on to destroy the lives of innocent parents and their children.


While your at it, check these out as well, they are all related

Family Court: Dads Regularly Lose Access to Kids, Sparking Claims of Anti-Male Bias

Sky Metalwala’s Dad Is Victim of Family Court Bias, Activists Say


January 19, 2012

What do we have to be happy for today with all of this Snow?

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Well, if you are a non-custodial parent, and you are with your kids, it’s one more day of quality time due to no snow, and no work.  All you can do is sit at home, read, play games, spend some quality time together.

Relish in the idea that the Courts are closed today, and this is one weekday that non-custodial parents are not being slaughtered by the likes of Sassaman, Bedle, Waggoner, Canada-Thurston, and the rest of the Commissioners and Judges that are hell bent on destroying the lives of young children that deserve both children in their lives, the the prersonal profit of members of the Lieyers Union, Guardian Ad-litems, etc.

If you aren’t with your kids today, and you can’t get to work – dedicate the day to helping yourselves and others such as -

  • Write a letter to your State representatives in Olympia asking for their support with shared parenting laws
  • Write a an email to your case worker at DCS and get a copy of your case notes
  • If you have lost contact with your kids – go to www.USSharedParenting.com and post a note to them on Family Finder – it works – 4 parents have been reconnected with lost kids.
  • Leave a Comment on this blog, or other news stories that affect families, and point out some facts that will help a non-custodial parent.
  • Write a note to your child – remind them that Daddy/Mommy loves them.

January 16, 2012

Short Vignette to our Legislature

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This message is short, but spot on target.  The message is clear, it gets the point across, and demonstrates exactly what is wrong today.

Watch the video click here – Second Class Citizen

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